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Sabina Ibrahimbegovic is a classical guitarist with extensive experience and training as a music educator. Having taught for over 15 years with the WA Education Department, Sabina is known as an inspiring and caring mentor of young musicians.

Sabina conducts various classical guitar ensembles, as well as teaches solo and group classes at primary schools and secondary colleges in Perth.

Her Paloma Guitar Studio offers students and adults the opportunity to receive tailored classes at suitable times. And to benefit more personally from Sabina’s love and knowledge for music and classical guitar.

Her qualifications include Bachelor of Performing Arts from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) where she studied with Graham Hall and Dr John Casey. In addition, Sabina has a Graduate Diploma of Secondary Teaching (Music) and Australian Kodaly Certificate (Level One). She has also participated in masterclasses with international artists such as Craig Ogden (UK), John Mills (UK), Timothy Kain ( Australia) and Maximo Diego Pujol (Argentina).

As well as a dedicated pedagogue, Sabina also enjoys composing and performing for special occasions and events. She was a member of highly successful Western Australian Classical Guitar Ensemble – Guitarstrophe!

Sabina is a current member of the Teacher Registration Board of WA (TRBWA) and the Australian Society of Music Educators (ASME).

Personal Background

Sabina’s background and family traditions have played an important role in the development of her professional career, with particular people significantly influencing her musical journey.

The Spark

One day, when I was 15 years old, I accompanied my friend to a music school in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The school offered free lessons delivered voluntarily by highly trained musicians who had also left Bosnia, like my family, when the conflict was brewing. Their aim was to make sure we did not lose our arts and cultural traditions.

I went along because I wanted to be a good friend. I had no real interest in music at that time, but as soon as we entered the beautiful old building, I heard a wonderful sound – a guitar being tuned. I knew in that moment that I wanted to play guitar and that it would be important to my whole life.

Where I come from, music is a part of everyday life

Although only completing some classical guitar studies in Ljubljana, the impact of Sabina’s teachers, Professor Vjekoslav Andree and his daughter musicologist, Vesna Andree Zaimovic was life long. At that time Vesna worked as a journalist and a reporter travelling in and out of Bosnia, as well as volunteering to be a guitar teacher. She is now a leading media producer in Bosnia.

Vesna’s drive to pursue seemingly insurmountable goals at the same time as a passion for preserving Bosnian musical traditions instilled in Sabina the determination to follow her new found love for classical guitar and music. Sabina has never forgotten her teacher and still lives with her advice “be proud of your culture and never stop learning and pursuing your best – you are who you are wherever you are.”!

You are who you are, wherever you are

Sabina moved to Australia aged 15 and was fortunate to study in the specialist music program at Perth Modern Senior High School, later WAAPA and Edith Cowan University.

Sabina attributes Dr John Casey, one of the leading guitar teachers in Australia, as another important influence on her career. Feeling fortunate to study under his mentorship at WAAPA, Sabina describes him as a teacher with a rare gift of bringing out the best from his students, “His guidance, support and encouragement were an important part of my musical journey”.

Discipline and dedication

In some ways, Sabina’s drive for excellence is not surprising. Apart from receiving her training from top teachers and musicians, her father Zlatan, a professional athlete in white water canoeing, a successful coach and an Olympian has been her biggest inspiration and guidance.

Training to become a musician requires discipline and dedication as it does to become an athlete. Much of Sabina’s passion for learning, perseverance, discipline and coaching abilities come directly from him.

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